Pay per minute phone chat

Pay Per Minute Phone Chat in 14 Countries

We know how important it is for fans to feel part of your life so that's why we developed our pay per minute phone chat software, CallConnect

We can divert calls from your clients to any landline or mobile telephone number in 14 different Countries. What's more, clients simply call a local rate number in their country, enter their client PIN followed by the operators PIN and get connected instantly. Our system knows exactly how long the client has been on the call and will automatically cut the client off if he runs out of credits.

If you already offer phone chat services or you are looking to offer phone chat services, contact us today and take full control of your earning potential.

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Simple Setup Instructions

CallConnect is our pay per minute phone chat service available in 14 countries around the world -- United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Sweden.

Clients simply purchase credits, phone one of our local rate numbers, enter their client PIN followed by the operator PIN and are transferred through to you.

Setup Takes Only 5 Minutes

Your Account

When logged in you are presented with several dropdown menus.

The second one in the list is called CallConnect and that's what we are going to discuss here. By clicking on the CallConnect drop down you are then presented with four simple steps:

Step 1: Set Your Pay Per Minute Rates

Select your preferred currency (British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros) from the dropdown list. Then set the rate you would like to charge on a per minute basis.

Step 2: Select Your Divert Number

Choose your country flag from the dropdown list provided.

Enter your telephone number in the box provided. (Either a landline number or a mobile number). When you've entered your number click "Verify My Number" You will then receive a call on that number and an automated message will read out a PIN number, make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write this number down. Then, enter the number in the box provided and that's it, your divert number is now setup.

Step 3: Create a Button for Your Website

Choose all the button styles for your website and generate the code you need to copy and paste onto your website.

Colour Options Choose a colour. The button will always display a smaller box that represents whether you are available or unavailable for a call. Use the colour selector to specify the background colour of the button.

Button Options We have designed 4 different buttons for you to choose from to display on your website. We have two smaller buttons and two larger buttons. Together with the colour options there are 32 different styles to choose from.

Popup Options Sets the background colour of the popup CallConnect box to either black or white.

Preview Shows you what your button will look like.

Embed Code The code you need to copy and then paste into your website to display the CallConnect button.

Step 4: Let Everyone Know You Are Ready to Chat

To turn CallConnect on and start receiving calls simply change the status by clicking the "On" radio button. Likewise to turn the CallConnect service off and stop receiving calls just click "Off". When you change your status it automatically updates the button on your website to show clients whether or not you are accepting calls.

If you have diverted to a telephone number in United Kingdom, United States, Canada or Belgium then you can text our system to turn your status on or off. This saves you having to log in every time. Status text messaging is currently limited to the above countries - we plan to add more options in the future.


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