Receive tributes from your fans

Our Donate software lets you take direct donations from clients.

Simpy add our donate button to your website and your clients can leave you money along with their contact details and a message. Best of all Webstream payout 85% on all donations. The donate button can be used to book Skype shows, FaceTime or other services you want to bill clients for.



Donate can be used on just about any website where you or your webmaster can add a simple line of html code.


Clients can donate credits, leave a nice mesaage as well as their telephone number and email address.


A website. No special website/server requirements are needed as our software handles everything.

Get Notified

Every time you receive a donation, we will email and text the details to you so you never miss a donation.


Clients create accounts and buy credits through our payment gateway. The client remains on your website always.


Webstream payout 85% of the total credits spent. If a client spends £100 you receive £85. Payouts can be requested every 7 days.

Payout Options

Webstream offer bank transfer and international bank transfer to over 100 countries in GBP, USD or EUR.


Clients can tick a box to receive an email every time you upload a new photo set. Clients will never miss new photo set again.


Statement of accounts detailing every photo set sold; username, money earnt etc. Downloadable invoices of all previous payouts.

Social Media

Connect your Twitter account and Webstream will automatically post a tweet to your timeline, every time you upload a new photo set.


Detailed performance related information. Easily see how your business is progressing with searchable analytics.

Client Data

Download a spreadsheet of all your clients including their usernames, email addresses and how much they've spent.

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Stop being at the mercy of large companies who eat your profit, contact us today and take full control of your earning potential.

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Extra Information

* Process - Simply log into your Webstream account and visit the Donate section. Enter your email address and/or mobile number so we can send you the details of any donations you receive. Then, simply copy the code provided and paste it into your website. Clients will be able to click on the button, buy credits and send them to you. They can also leave their contact details and a nice message to acompany the donation.

* Payouts - Models can request payouts every 7 days. Any money acrued during the week will be available just past midnight on Sunday (GMT). The minimum money request amount is £50 for UK bank transfer and £70 for international bank transfer. Webstream do not charge a transfer fee for UK bank transfers. Webstream charge £10 for international bank transfers outsdide the UK.

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