Donations & tributes

Our donation software enables you to accept cash gifts from clients.

Our donation plugin allows clients to donate their credits to you.

Webstream is a company who knows that models and talent drive this business. We respect your ability to generate attention, build fanbases and capitalize on your popularity and that's why we give you the larger piece of the pie.

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Simple Setup Instructions

Use our donation button to accept donations from your clients. Your clients will be able to specify the amount they wish to donate as well as leave their name, telephone number and email address. They can also leave a message to accompany the donation.

When you receive a donation we will email you and send you a text to let you know.

Receive donations from your fans

Your Account

When logged in you are presented with several dropdown menus. The fourth one in the list is labeled Donations.

By clicking on the Donations dropdown you are then presented with two steps:

Step 1: Set your Contact Details

Whenever someone makes a donation we will email you their donation details. Simply add your email address so we know who to notify.

Don't always check email? If you prefer, we can text you every time you get a donation as well. Simply select your country from the dropdown list of flags and add your telephone number.

We will forward all client details including name, email address, telephone number, donation amount and the message.

Step 2: Create a Custom Donation Button for Your Website

This section lets you choose your preferred button styles for your website and generates the code you will copy and paste onto your website.

Colour Options Choose the colour of your button.

Button Options We have designed 4 different buttons for you to choose from to display on your website. We have two smaller buttons and two larger buttons. Together with the colour options there are 32 different styles to choose from.

Popup Options Sets the background colour of the popup Donations box to either black or white.

Preview Shows you what your button will look like.

Embed Code The code you need to copy and then paste into your website to display the Donations button.

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