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General Questions

How do i get paid?

You can request your money every 7 days. Payments are made by bank transfer and international bank transfer in GBP, EUR or USD.
UK bank Transfer, £50 minimum payout, no transfer fee.
International Bank Transfer, £70 minimum payout, £10 transfer fee.

How much does your software cost?

We don't sell our software and it's completely free to setup and give it a go. You would set your prices for any products you use and Webstream will payout a 75% commission. We retain 25% for credit card processing fees, streaming video servers, telecoms and our lovely staff who make sure all the software and technology runs effectively.

Do I need a website to use your software?

Our software can integrate nicely into any website but we also have our own platform for performers to design their own page. Our software is fully integrated. For more information visit Camntel.com

Will your software work on any website?

Our software will work on any website. You just need to include the code provided or get your webmaster to do it for you. If you are experiencing any difficulties getting our code onto your website, please contact our customer services team

Can you do any promotion for me?

We don't offer any type of promotion at this stage. We literally provide the software. The best places to promote are on social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter

How can my customers pay for the services?

Customers can use the Webstream system to purchase credits in which they can spend on any of Webstream's products. We accept both debit and credit cards, Visa and MasterCard. Clients can also choose to buy credits in GBP, USD or EUR.

Do I have to pay for chargebacks?

We use a payment method called 3DSecure. This is an extra layer of security to protect us from fraudulent transactions. If we have to make a refund we will handle it without clawing any money back from studios or performers.

Is your software only used for the adult industry?

No, the adult entertainment industry is our biggest client base, but we also provide our services for key speakers, trainers, product demonstrators, tarot card readers and much more.

Can your software be used in any country?

Yes, anyone anywhere can use our ClipStore, LiveCam and Donations software. The CallConnect software is limited to 14 Countries around the world.

Can I add your software to more than one website?

Yes you can. Although bare in mind we need to know about the website in which our software is being used on so we can quality check and approve it.

LiveCam Software

What devices can I webcam from?

Thanks to our LiveCam technology you can now webcam from any windows PC or laptop, Mac running Safari 12 and higher. You can also webcam from any Android device and Apple device running iOS 12 or higher. We would recommend either a laptop or tablet as mobile devices are a bit small and fiddly to type messages.

Does your software offer Two-Way camming

It certainly does. A client in a private show can request Two-Way. The client will then see his own webcam feed as well as yours and you will be asked to accept his feed.

How do I go online to start a webcam show?

You can simply visit Webstream.webcam and login with your account details. Allow webstream.webcam to take control of your webcam feed and mic. Your video feed should appear in the background and then you simply press "publish"

Do you offer free rooms?

Yes we do. You will see a tick box in your LiveCam admin panel to determine whether you want to activate your free room. Even with free rooms enabled, clients will still need to login or create an account. Free rooms allows your clients to view your webcam show for up to 10 minutes in a 24 hour period. After this time the client will need to either pay for a group or private session to keep on viewing your show.

What's the quality of the webcam feed like?

Our webcam servers use high bitrate WebRTC to broadcast streams. The only limit to the quality is your webcam or internet connection. We would recommend buying a Logitech 1080p USB webcam. We would also recommend internet speeds of at least 10mbps down and 5mbps up.

Why is no one clicking my webcam button?

It's worth turning on your free room to test the software. You can sign up for a client account, click on your button and checkout the webcam feed. As we don't offer marketing services it is up to you to bring clients to your website or Camntel profile. We have always found the best way to draw clients to your page is through social media.

Can I charge per show instead of per minute?

Our webcam software is purely pay per minute.

CallConnect Software

Is this available in any country?

Not any country but we can divert calls to landline numbers and mobile phones in 14 countries. UK, US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Sweden. Unfortunately any other Country is far to expensive at the moment due to network prices in that particular Country. We do look at network prices on a regular basis so if your country is not listed, contact us and we will re-check the current prices to see if it's worth adding.

Do I have to login to my account everytime I want to accept phone calls?

No, in the admin panel you will see a number to text. You can text this number from your designated mobile when ever you want to accept calls or stop calls coming through. The text service is currently available in UK, US, Canada and Belgium. If you are outside of these countries you would need to login just to switch your CallConnect on.

Can clients call me if they aren't on my website?

No, clients need to enter a customer PIN and an operator PIN. The customer PIN will change every 24 hours for security reasons so the client must be logged in to see this PIN number.

Can I answer calls if i'm travelling abroad?

We would advise against it as your mobile operator could charge you for receiving a call while internationally roaming.

My mobile number has changed, what do I do?

Just login to your account and change the phone number. You can change the designated phone number as often as you like. Your transfer PIN that clients need to enter will always stay the same.

ClipStore Software

How many video clips can I upload?

As many video clips as you like. You can also upload multiple video clips at the same time.

What format do the videos need to be in?

Pretty much any format. Our system will accept mp4, mpeg, avi, mov, wmv and many more. Our system will then automatically convert them to the right format to be playable on any device, including pc, tablet and mobile phones.

What's the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum file size is currently 2GB (2000MB).

How long can the video be?

The video can be as long as you like as long as it doesn't exceed 2GB (2000MB).

Will my videos be playable in HD?

If you upload a HD video; then it can be played back in HD. We also try to automatically upscale videos to get the best possible quality.


How do I get a studio account?

You must already have a large web presence. Our software is not designed for small start-ups. If you already have a high traffic website we are happy to setup a studio account and even build the platform for you.

Do you provide models?

Yes, if we design and host the website we can start the studio with over 3,000 models. At least 1,500 are online at anyone time meaning your studio can start making money as soon as it's live.

How many performers can I set up?

As many as you like. If we build and host your studio website, models can automatically signup and start using the software straight away. If you decide to integrate our software then you would need to setu each model in the system.

Can I see my performers shows?

Yes you can with your moderator account. Simply use your moderator account details to login to any of your performers shows. The moderator account is completely free and is hidden from the performers when you enter the chat room.

What's the commission split between my Studio and my Performers?

It's entirely up to you, you are in control. You can split the remaining 75% how ever you like. This can be set on a performer by performer basis. The models that we provide, the commission is set at 15% to the studio.

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