Pay per minute webcam

Pay Per Minute Webcam From Your Own Website

Our webcam software can be added to any website with just a line of html code. You can be up and running in 5 minutes, it really is that simple.

Our webcam software is cutting edge and comes loaded with tons of features and benefits.

If you're a webcam model or you are looking to offer webcam services contact us today and take full control of your earning potential.

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Simple Setup Instructions

Setting up our software is simple. If we build you a free website then we will fully integrate the code for you so all you have to do is set your rates and start camming. If you have your own website it's as easy as copying a couple of lines of html code onto your page.

Sounds Simple? It really is!

Your Account

Upon log in you are presented with several drop down menus. The first one in the list is called LiveCam By clicking on the LiveCam drop down, you are then presented with three easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: Set your pay per minute rates

Our LiveCam software lets you offer two types of video chat: Private and Group.

A private show is between you and one client.

A group show is between you and multiple clients.

Specify which currency you want to set your rates in British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros.

You can also select whether you want to offer a free preview called Free Room. If you select Free Room clients will be able to view and chat wth you on webcam before going into a Group or Private show. Clients are limited to 5 minutes of Free Room action within a 24 hour period. If their 5 minutes expires they will then have to select a Group or Private show to continue.

Step 2: Create the button for your website

Here, you can choose all of your button styles for your website, upload a background graphic for the webcam display screen and generate the html code you need to copy and paste onto your website.

Colour Options Choose the colour of your button. The button will always display a smaller box that represents whether you are online or offline but you can use the colour selector to specify the background colour of the button.

Button Options There are 4 different button designs for you to choose from to display on your website. We have two smaller buttons and two larger buttons. Together with the colour options there are 32 different styles to choose from.

Background Image Upload a graphic for the webcam display. This is shown in the background of the cam popup when you are offline or not offering a free room.

Preview Shows you what your button will look like.

Embed Code The code you need to copy and then paste into your website to display the webcam button.

Step 3: Logging in and going online

You've now set your rates, created your button and added it to your website. You now need to go online by visiting our performer control panel

Software Walkthrough

A quick demonstration

The performer control panel is split into 4 sections. The first section is called My Webcam Feed which will appear once you login. You can choose your webcam and microphone input from the menu and control the volume. You can also record shows and download them as mp4 movies, fully optimized and ready to upload to your ClipStore.

The next section is called Income / Tips Today and displays all of the clients you have had over the past 24 hours, how long they were in your show and the amount of money you made from each.

Below your webcam feed is Current Connections. When you are online and clients enter your show they will appear here showing their username, IP address, time in your show, their balance, Country and how much they have spent so far on this show. There is also a block button which can block unwanted clients for a 24 hour period.

The last panel to be displayed is Client Chat. This chat box allows you to chat to every client in your show using your keyboard. Your text chat will show up to every client currently in your show.


Current Connections

This section shows every client who is currently in your chat session. It details their username, IP, time in chat, their balance, where they are located and the block button allows you to remove them from your show for a 24 hour period.

Client Chat

The chat panel allows you to communicate with your clients through text chat. Text chat is available in all three modes, Free, Group and Private. In Group and Free chats all clients can see everyones messages.

Incoming Chat

A client is about to click on your webcam button to initiate a chat. Click next below to see what happens and how you get notified.

Income / Tips Today

This panel displays all the income and tips you have made within the last 24 hour period. It details the clients username, the time in chat and the total amount of money made from the client.

Recording Shows

You can record and pause your show and once you click stop you have the option to download it as an mp4 video file.

My Webcam Feed

We use Adobe Flash to conect your webcam and audio. You just need to check the video and audio link to make sure it's connecting to the right sources.

Performer Login

Use your performer login details to login. These are the same login details you would use to view your stats, revenue and set your rates.