16 Mar 2014

10 Reasons to be a Webcam Model Instead of an Escort

1, Webcam girls never have to meet their clients

There is always a big risk when meeting clients as an escort. Who are you meeting? Are they nice? What are their intensions? Meeting clients can always be a risky business but as a webcam girl you never need to meet any of your clients, everything is done through video chat over the internet.

2, Webcam shows are in the safety of your own home

As an escort, you would probably offer outcall appointments which involve travelling to the client's home or hotel. This takes you completely out of your comfort zone and can be very risky. Where are you going? How many people could be there? What if I don't like the punter? As a webcam model, shows are performed in the comfort of your own home; you don't need to travel anywhere cutting the risk down to nothing.

3, Webcam models have more control over what they do

As an escort you never know the types of punters you see. Punters may sound fine on the phone but that's the only thing escorts have to go on before they either invite the punter to their home or travel to see the punter at their location. As a webcam model, you control the time you spend online and can also block clients you don't want watching your webcam shows.

4, Webcam Girls don't have sex with strangers

You can dress up escorting in lots of different ways but the main purpose of an escort is to have sex. As a webcam girl there is no sex with clients, you're not even in the same room as your clients.

10 Reasons to be a Webcam Model Instead of an Escort

5, There are millions more webcam users than punters who see escorts

The webcam industry is massive compared to the escort industry. Typically escorts will see punters quite local to them. This may be punters travelling from other areas but escorts are still limited by the punters in their area. To watch a webcam show, clients can do it in private and it's not cheating on their partner, which to most men is far more attractive and less risky than going to see an escort.

6, Webcam girls can see lots of clients all at the same time

In a single webcam show a webcam model can have 10, 20 even 50 clients all watching the same webcam show. This means less work for much more money. An escort seeing 50 punters a day is ridiculous. Firstly there are not enough hours in the day and secondly she might be a bit tired by the evening.

7, Webcam models have a global audience

As a webcam model you're not limited by location. Any client with a computer, internet and credit card can watch webcam shows. This opens doors to a massive global market. With the use of social media webcam models can become international sensations overnight.

8, There are no health risks to being a webcam girl

Let's face it, as an escort you can practice safe sex all day long but it's a fact that accidents do happen. Punters won't tell you if they have any medical conditions and just one accident like a condom splitting could be disastrous to your health. As a webcam model you never come into contact with clients meaning you never have to worry about health issues.

9, Being a webcam girl is completely legal, the escort industry is a grey area

OK, so being an escort is legal in some countries, even in the UK an escort can work independently from her own property and stay within the law. It is illegal to solicit on the street. Escorts are not allowed to work in the same premises, they call this a brothel. No person is allowed to profit from prostitution which means strictly speaking you cannot employ security. Escorts also have problems with punters visiting their property, if neighbours complain to the police and the landlord finds out, escorts will be evicted.

10, Webcam modelling is much more socially accepted amongst friends and family

9 times out of 10 an escorts friends and family don't know they are escorts. By telling friends and family it's only going to worry them and they will no doubt spend their time convincing you to do something else. Naturally they will be concerned about safety, and for good reason. Being a webcam model is not much different from being a glamour model and means telling people what you do more excepting amongst friends and family. Plus you're not having sex with a stranger which eliminates any risk.