21st Century: Virtual Reality for Cam Girls

10 Apr 2015

21st Century: Virtual Reality for Cam Girls

Imagine strapping on a new Oculus Rift headset and seeing your favorite porn chick in real time looking like she is right in front of you doing whatever you want, even interacting with you! That fantasy is closer to becoming a reality, thanks to Ela Darling and a small number of other pornographers that are working to make VR porn a reality! A live VR cam show is still a few years away, but strides are being made daily to making VR porn come to life in studios all over the world.

The Oculus Rift even has the possibility to add tactile sensations. One 3d animation porn website has created some demos of VR porn for people to try. Another porn site has been filming for a year and a half, experimenting with 3D virtual reality shooting techniques to try and bring sexy scenes to life. One porn star and cam girl Ela Darling, who loves the idea of virtual reality porn, flew out to Maryland to create some of the first virtual reality porn with some college kids who were experimenting with some new technology. However, some people speculate that VR porn is going to be big with porn, they say it will be even bigger with gaming!

With camming becoming ever popular, it seems like virtual reality camming is the next logical step. Viewers really crave a connection with people, through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and live camshows, and virtual reality will make the experience even more real for cam girls' biggest fans, making camming an even more desirable and lucrative profession for those who want to make some easy cash from their home studios.

Fortunately for every Webstream model, the technical aspects of making VR technology work will all one day be handled for you. Right now we are providing you with the best webcam platform every built, and the one button simplicity of a system that anyone can install in minutes. When the time goes to offer full virtual reality, you can be sure we will be there for you as well - helping you dominate the webcam performer market today and long into the future!