07 Mar 2014

9 reasons to be a webcam girl

Being a webcam girl is one of the best jobs in the world. The money is great, you work for yourself, choose your own hours and there is serious amounts of money to be made.

Reason 1: Easy and Cheap to Setup

To be a webcam girl you need three main things, 2 of which pretty much everyone already has. You need a laptop or computer, a half decent internet connection and a webcam preferably HD which most webcams are now a days.

The computer you use does not need to be brand new or top of the range, it just needs to run Microsoft Windows in order to download and run our webcam software.

9 reasons to be a webcam girl

All webcam devices have been HD for a long time now and produce absolutey fantastic picture and sound quality. You could use the webcam built into your laptop but they do tend to be quite low quality. HD webcams are priced between £30 - £100 and we would highly recommend either Logitech or Microsoft.

Reason 2: Money

There's no denying that a sucessful webcam girl can make huge profits. If you charge 2 credits (£2) a minute and have 10 clients in a 30 minute show that's £720 pure profit, per day, for half an hours work. With the right approach to social marketing this is easily achievable, we should know as we work with webcam girls doing this and much more every single day, fact.

Below we have put together a small table to show you the potential earnings on a daily and monthly basis.

2130301,800 GBP1,080 GBP
25301300 GBP180 GBP
2530309,000 GBP5,400 GBP
210303018,000 GBP10,800 GBP
2106011,200 GBP720 GBP
210603036,000 GBP21,600 GBP

Reason 3: Safety

Webcamming couldn't be safer. You are working from the comfort of your own home and never meet any clients. In actual fact you may even have a 1000 miles between you. Webcam girls can easily say no as well. You're not forced to do anything you feel uncomfortable with and if you don't like a client then you can simply kick him out of your chat. If he tries to return to your chat you can even ban him all together. There is a huge misconseption that webcamming might be risky but most people in the industry believe it's 10 times safer than being a cleaner. As a cleaner you go to peoples houses, you don't know who's going to be there or what could happen. Being a webcam girl you're in your own enviroment talking to people over the internet, plus the money is 10 times better.

Reason 4: Security

Security comes in two forms, secure in the fact you're working from your own home, running your own business doing what ever you feel comfortable with. No one is telling you what to do or when to do it, you make the rules. Security also comes from earning a very comfortable living even being a webcam girl for just a few hours a day. Whether you're saving for University or you want to make a good income to fit around your lifestyle, webcamming can really be financially rewarding.

Reason 5: Working From Home

There's no denying if everyone could work from home they probably would. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to have that luxury. This is one of the many reasons why being a webcam girl is so desirable. You don't even need a home office or any special furniture. Most performers will have their webcam and laptop setup in their living room or bedroom depending on what feels more comfortable. In fact generally a sofa is the most popular choice for webcamming.

Reason 6: Choose Your Own Hours

Let's be honest who wouldn't want to fit their work around their daily activities, wake up and decide whether or not to start work and choose the hours that best suit your lifestyle. Webcamming will fit around you, not the other way round. There are hours of the day which you will find the better to be online. These times tend to be in the evening when people are home home from work.

Reason 7: Have Fun

One of the most important things is to have fun. Develop an online persona, dress up, wear wigs. You're no longer college student Jenny or housewife and mum Sarah, you're "Sexy Elektra" the webcam performer, for example.

The great thing about the internet and webcamming is you can be whoever you want to be and do what ever you want to do. As long as you put on a good show clients will keep coming back to see you and spend their money.

Reason 8: Easy and Free to Advertise

Hiow much money will i need to spend on marketing?... ZERO.
Blogs, Forums and social network sites are all free and a great way to advertise. We feel that social networking can't be beat. Make sure you have profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Follow and circle people, add interesting posts and lots of images. People will follow you back and hopefully turn into potential clients. Once you have a good following you can keep followers informed of your webcam shows and when you will be online.

Reason 9: Recession Proof

Believe it or not if there is one thing people don't cut back on is entertainment. In fact people tend to spend more on entertainment to keep their spirits high. People will cut back on holidays, eating out etc but without a bit of entertainment whats the point? Since working in the adult industry for over 8 years i can honestly say we have not seen a decline, in anything a healthy increase.