12 July 2017

Are you protecting yourself from stalkers?

Are you protecting yourself from stalkers?

Stalking can be a hazard of the adult industry, fact! Some fans will get a little too eager and cannot always differentiate the difference between reality and role play. I can't say we've had a tremendous report of stalking in our many years of providing software. Heck, we've seen fans get quite obsessed with their favourite models, but that's not the same as stalking. Stalking to me is when a fan suddenly requests to be friends on your private FaceBook account and you have no idea how he found it. Or, he starts befriending your friends that have nothing to do with the adult industry. Stalking can come in all shapes and sizes but I think the best way to define stalking is if a fan starts to make you feel uncomfortable by getting a little too involved in your personal life. Their needs to be a clear separation so your business doesn't badly impact your personal life.

Below are a few tips that will keep your personal identity hidden from the internet.

Registering domain names

Every successful model needs a good website. A place to showcase webcam shows and video clips for sale. It's very important when registering the domain name to take advantage of privacy controls. It may cost an extra few pounds but it means your personal details will be hidden from a whois lookup. Anyone can perform a whois lookup on a domain name and there are hundreds of websites that provide the lookup service. Unless you specify you want to have domain privacy, your details including name and address will be public for anyone to see. If you're not sure it may be worth getting someone else to register the domain on your behalf.

Photos and videos

This may seem obvious but we've seen this happen a few times now and is an easy mistake to make. When filming a video clip or taking photos for your PicStore, make sure you don't leave any paperwork lying around, detailing any personal information. It's easy to enlarge images and video clips which may be enough to show your full name and address on a utility bill.

Phone chat services

Now this is something we've encountered a few times. We cannot stress enough how important it is to switch off your voicemail from the phone you are offering phone chat services from. Our phone chat software will divert calls to a given mobile number which the client will never know unless you forget to answer and it goes through to your voicemail. Most UK voicemail boxes read out your telephone number before allowing the caller to leave a massage. This means that clients can then by-pass our software and call your directly. Note, any CallConnect call you receive will greet you with a message, alerting you to the fact it's a CallConnect call. We also have a bit of software that detects if it goes through to voicemail and will hang up the call but this isn't full-proof.

It's a little scarier than that as FaceBook allows users to search for other users by telephone number. You can turn this off in the settings > privacy tab of FaceBook, titled "Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?". Also running a google search of your telephone number could also uncover personal information.

In conclusion, it's about using a little bit of diligence. A bit of thought when setting anything up online could save you a massive headache in the future. Most importantly it can keep you safe and separate your working life from your private life, making sure the two don't cross, unless you want them to of course.