Free Websites And Tools For WebStream Performers

28 Oct 2015

Free Websites And Tools For WebStream Performers

If you have already built a significant fan base but do not have your own website or a way to directly connect with your fans, Webstream is here to help! Unlike other cam platforms that ask you to bring your audience to their site so they can make extra money, Webstream is willing to create a FREE top quality site for you and will work with you to build your fan base so that YOU can make more money!

The Webstream Model Advantage includes your own dedicated designer who will create a website that looks and feels exactly the way you want it. Your own domain name, which you can brand and market with confidence, and your own email address: with unlimited emails and forwarding options. The website you get for free from Webstream also comes with unlimited image galleries and content pages so that it can really be the site you have in your mind right now. We do all the software setup and provide a state of the art admin panel that enables you to change anything you want anytime. To put it simply, if you want a website of your own, all you would need to do is ask!

Keep in mind, free website packages are available for models who already have an active and current social media presence, a significant audience and a prequalified popularity score based on our media metrics criteria. We can also provide paid website services for new models seeking to start their webcam career, and contacting us to discuss your own website is always absolutely free.

Fortunately, if you decide to invest the time it takes to build your audience first, you can do that with a number of free social media tools that you are likely using already. As a live webcam performer, you might think your efforts all need to be focused on the quality of your shows. While it's true your shows are what will help you build a loyal following, getting people to visit your site and see you for the first time is actually a much more pressing endeavor for most cam models. Promoting yourself as a performer is no small task, and getting more eyes on you is at least as important as anything else you do to grow your personal brand. Fortunately, there are lots of free resources out there for models that cam or sell clips online via Webstream. Here are some of the essentials:

Twitter - Twitter is the primary web traffic generator for many top webcam performers. Get an account as soon as possible! It is definitely the most popular resource for porn performers and cam girls to interact with their fans and with each other. Promote your shows, tell favorite clients when you are online and join a larger conversation with your potential customers. Merely logging in to post nonsense once a week is not an effective use of Twitter. To get the most out of this medium, you need to be available often and you will want to engage your audience in a dialogue that arouses their interest in you enough to take the affirmative step of visiting your live webcam shows at least once. Facebook - Beware of Facebook. It is a great promotional tool but it is really best to keep things PG rated. That being said, it can be wonderful if you've got a good loyal fan base that wants to keep up with you wherever you go. The platform is notorious for shutting down accounts and ruining the results of your hard work, so become familiar with all of their content guidelines and be sure to stay within their rules at all times.

Tumblr - Use this blog site to post pics from recent shoots and hot GIFs that your fans will love. Make sure to put a watermark on all your images so new fans know where to find you! It's another tool, like a more open Instagram community, here to help your fans find you and appreciate you.

Amazon - You probably use Amazon for shopping, but make sure you make a wish list too! Your loyal clients will want to spoil you just for being you and you can tell them what you want. Put a mixture of sexy clothing items, sex toys and personal items that you just desire into your wish list as a way to reduce your expenses. You can also create an affiliate account and ask your fans to show with your special code so you get a percentage based bonus from Amazon for sending traffic to them... no matter what your fans happen to buy.

Vine - Vine is a new social network that allows you to make 6 second videos and post them to Vine as well as Twitter and Facebook. It's easy to make a sexy teaser of what is going to come in your next cam show to get fans drooling before you even start.

Once you get started with Webstream free camming software, all of the backend work is being done for you from start to finish, and that means your focus can be placed exactly where it needs to be: Making the most of your online presence with social media sites to gain new fans and putting on the highest quality webcam shows to turn new fans into loyal customers!