How to be a Webcam Model and Start Your Own Webcam Business

19 Mar 2014

How to be a Webcam Model and Start Your Own Webcam Business

1, Build a wesite with a website creator like

To be an independent webcam model you need your own website. We have created a website builder called Anyone can create a free website and register a subdomin such as The features are limited in the free version but for £20 a month you can have your own domain name i.e., unlimited email addresses, pages, galleries, forms etc. With HornyDesigns you can design your own website around your personality. We can also help paid customers with any aspect of the design be it create a nice logo or background image.

2, Choose a really catchy website address

Website addresses are really important. You want something short and sweet and preferably with no hyphens. n example of a good domain would be An example of a bad domain name would be You want clients to be able to remember the domain name so the shorter the better. Also try giving out a long domain name with hyphens over the phone, it's a nightmare, trust me.

3, Upload a great biography about you

Clients want to know about you. They want to know your interests, what you enjoy doing and any other information that would entice clients into watching your webcam shows. You don't need to write a novel but be descriptive. Let clients know what your webcam shows are about and why you are the best webcam model for them to watch.

4, Add lots of pictures of yourself to a gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and i tend to agree. Upload as many images as you can. Give clients a taste of what they will see if they watch your webcam show. It's advisable to get someone to take the pictures for you. Lots of pictures of you holding a camera phone up to the mirror won't cut it. Get a friend and a camera in a well lit room and take many pictures in different positions and outfits. Create several galleries all with a different theme.

5, Download Webstream's Wecam Software

Once you've created your site, sign up for our pay per minute webcam software. Download and install our software which will connect your webcam to your account in order to show clients you are online. Click here to sign up for an account and follow the simple steps to getting started.

6, Add Webstream's webcam button to your website

All you need to do is copy the code in your Webstream account onto your website. Place the code where you would like the webcam button to be. We have put together an example page of a webcam model here. You're now all setup and ready to webcam. All you need now are clients clicking on your webcam button

7, Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media websites

You're probably sick of me mentioning social media sites by now but hopefully you have realised the sheer volume of clients that can be driven to your website, all through clever social media profiles. Make sure you have a profile on the top 3 sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Follow people of interest and make sure you keep your profiles up to date with interesting information, pictures and videos. Through your social media profiles you can let clients know when your webcam shows are and drive clients to your website.

8, Use the social media sites to post information and images

The more information you add to your social profiles, the more interesting they become. More information, updates and pictures means more followers, more followers means more potential webcam clients. Be careful not to upload images that may be to explicit, you don't want to get band from the website.

9, Tell your followers/fans about your website and webcam shows

Once you start to gain momentum on the social ladder you can now start to promote your webcam shows. Just Tweet or post up every time you're about to login and start a webcam show. It's also advisable to let your followers know earlier on in the day and keep posting updates until your show. This will give potential client's plenty of notice so they can be available.

10, Put on a good show so clients come back again

Your profits will only be as good as your webcam shows. You want to make sure they are lively and energetic, having a sense of humour helps. Make sure clients feel welcome and keep them engaged at all times. The longer they spend watching your webcam show the more money you will make. Webcam models can have clients come back again and again several times a month, if your client's leave the show happy chances are they're coming back to spend more money at a later stage.