Be sure to use a HD webcam for superb video and audio quality" />

24 Mar 2014

How to Make Money as a Webcam Model

1, Make sure you have a good setting for your webcam shows

The most common setting for a webcam show is either the bedroom or the living room. You need to make sure you have a space where you can easily move around. The setting needs enough natural light preferably from above or from the side. Light from behind will produce a washed out picture. Make sure you remove all personal possessions from the setting. You may want to add a theme to your setting to appeal to your type of clientele.

2, Be sure to use a HD webcam for superb video and audio quality

Unfortunately the webcams attached to laptops aren't great quality. We would recommend investing in a nice Logitech or Microsoft HD Webcam. The audio quality is superb and the video quality is amazing. A good HD webcam will give you the same quality as if you were watching a HD TV channel. The great thing about a webcam is they simply plug into a spare USB port and are ready to use without downloading and installing loads of software.

3, Offer a range of different outfits and services to appeal to a larger audience

If you take being a webcam model seriously make sure you have lots of different outfits and toys to play with. By having a wide range of props you are appealing to a much larger audience. Let clients specify what they would like to see, by offering a more personal service clients are more likely to return again.

4, Keep as socially active as possible on social media websites

Use the social media sites to promote new outfits, shoes, toys, settings etc. Let clients know how diverse your shows are and that you can cater for many different types of people. The more content and pictures you post with different themes, the more clients you will attract into your shows.

5, Try not to cancel pre planned webcam shows

We have had several clients complain that webcam models have pre planned a show and then cancelled it, or worse still not even bothered to inform their clients they won't be online. If you mess clients around they will find another show to watch and they could have been big spenders. If you plan a webcam show, don't cancel it unless you give your clients plenty of notice. Many clients will have busy schedules and this will just be an inconvenience. If they think you are unreliable, they won't be coming back!

6, Ask your viewers what they want to see

Both during webcam shows and on your social media sites, why not ask your clients what they would like to see. Take the most popular suggestions and tie them into your webcam shows. Clients seeing a show they have had input on is far more engaging. Plus, by personalising the shows the clients will feel they are getting much more for their money.

Ask your viewers what they want to see

7, Keep your viewers engaged, more time equals more money

Don't rush your webcam shows, take your time. Remember you are being paid by the minute. Try to make each webcam show last for 30 minutes to maximise your profits. You may get clients trying to rush you through but it's your show, explain to them you want to put on the best show you can and that's not 5 minutes worth.

8, Viewers have all kinds of fantasies and fetish's, be open minded

We have some webcam models that spend 30 minutes a day playing with their feet, oiling them up and rubbing them. They have over 20 clients a day watching their webcam show. We have other webcam models in the dominatrix field shouting abuse at clients and they too have many clients on a daily basis. With Webstream's webcam software we also offer the option for two way cam. This is where the performer can see the client's webcam. He may want you to watch him dress up as a women, he may dress up as a gimp while you tell him to go clean his house.

My point is that a webcam show can be almost anything as there are so many different types of fetish's out there. Be aware of as many of these fetish's as possible and offer the ones you feel most comfortable with.

9, Make a wish list, viewers like to buy you nice gifts

A very popular page to have on your website is an Amazon Wish List. With an Amazon Wish List you can list all the things you would like clients to buy you. Believe me, clients like buying gifts for webcam models. We know webcam models that can't even remember the last time they had to buy something: phones, jewellery, outfits, shoes etc. Some clients love to buy gifts.

How to Make Money as a Webcam Model

10, If in doubt, check out your competition

A massive part of being successful in the webcam industry is seeing what works. Find your competitions social profiles and follow them find out what they are offering, see what they are posting up to their social profiles. It may even be worth spending £20 and watching 10 minutes of their webcam show to get as many ideas as possible.

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