11 Mar 2014

How to Stay Popular in the Webcam World

The most important thing to being a webcam girl is being seen. In today's world you don't need a huge marketing budget, in fact you don't need to spend a single penny on advertising thanks to the wonderful world of social media. Social media websites are platforms in which anyone can share pretty much anything online. By empowering social media sites you can drive vast amounts of visitors to your website to watch your webcam shows. Let's take a look at some of the top social media sites, some great statistics and how these sites can best serve your business.


Facebook: 900,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

Facebook has an unrivalled amount of popularity on the web. It is said that over 50% of all internet users are active on Facebook. Facebook is great for creating a profile, posting information, images, videos and website links.

As a webcam girl, the best way to use Facebook is with a Facebook Fan Page. A Facebook fan page allows other Facebook members to view your page as well as like your page. If a user likes your profile they will continue to see all your updates and posts. You can keep users engaged by continually updating your fan page with information about you, what you've been doing with yourself and tasteful pictures and videos.


Twitter: 310,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

Twitter is short posts of information (known as Tweets) very similar to a text message in size. Twitter allows users to follow one another, post images and links to websites. At present there is no restrictions on the images that can be uploaded so make them as raunchy and explicit as you like.

Twitter is a must have for any webcam girl as it keeps you connected to users in real time. Most users of Twitter will have the application on their mobile phone and will receive push notifications all the time. Twitter is by far the best social media website for letting users know the times of your webcam shows.


Google: 120,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

Google Plus is growing hugely popular in a short space of time. Google Plus is very similar to how Facebook works. Google Plus provides a platform in which you can interact with users by posting information, images, videos and links to websites. Google is very sensitive to full nudity so it's recommended to keep it clean!

Just like with Facebook you can create a Google Plus Fan Page. You can create your online profile by adding a biography, links to your websites and other social media websites, upload images and anything else you think users would want to see. Once you have created your Fan Page, keep users engaged by constantly updating the content, adding new images and posting your webcam schedules.

Tips and Tricks to Social Media

So What Do I Write About
This is the golden question and as you post information and pictures you will see what works by the response and comments you get. There is no written rule but you need to engage users as much as possible. Remember: The more information out there, the more you will be noticed. You can create posts about almost anything. Your favourite drinks, your favourite shoes and perfume, upload images of the new pair of sexy boots you just purchased. Tell users what you would like on Amazon, where you want to go on holiday. Pretty much anything! The main aim is to get users to know you (or your brand) and want to visit your website and spend money with you in a webcam show.


Using the Hashtag
The Hashtag has become a social media sensation! It's used across most of the social media platforms to specify keywords for your post. Hashtags is a way for social media websites to understand your post and what it's about.

Using Hashtags in Social Media

Now when users search the social media sites for those keywords your post is far more likely to be visible in their search.


Using the @ Symbol to include other users in your post
You can include other users in your posts by using the @ sign followed by their username. For example if i created a post and wanted HornyDesigns to view it i would put into the post @hornydesigns. This will then notify the other user they are mentioned in the post.

This is great for including your clients in important posts as they will receive an instant notification. The @ works for both Twitter and Facebook. Google Plus use the + sign instead.