05 Sep 2016

Sell photo sets with Webstreams PicStore™

PicStore has finally arrived! And it's better than we ever thought possible.

Over the past several months one of the most asked for feature by studios and performers is a way to sell images through our platform. Unlike other software companies we listen to our users and a few months ago embarked on the journey to create PicStore.

The Webstream platform already offers pay per minute webcam, pay per minute phone chat, video clips for sale and a way to accept donations. The only thing left to do was to create another platform for selling photo sets.

With the power of PicStore, models can create a photo set, upload their photo album, set the tags, title, description and the price to sell the set for. A thumbnail/poster can be chosen from the photos uploaded or you can upload a different one.

As with all our other software a simple code snippet is used to add your PicStore directly on to your website. Then, every time you add a new photo set it will automatically appear on your website. We also have several tools to change the layout and colours to make sure your PicStore ties in perfectly with your website design.

Sell photo sets with Webstreams PicStore™