10 Mar 2014

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Using Webstream's Webcam Software

If you are reading this, you probably have a keen interest in the wonderful world of webcamming. Webcamming is hugely popular and there are so many reasons to become a webcam girl.

In this blog, we are going to run you through the main steps to setup Webstream's webcam software including:

  • Signing up for an Account
  • Setting Your Rates
  • Creating Your Button
  • Adding the Code to Your Website
  • Downloading and Installing the Webcam Software

Signing Up for an Account
Signing up for an account couldn't be easier. Simply click Request Account from the navigation bar above. Choose whether to create a Performer Account (Single webcam performer) or Studio Account (multiple performer account) and fill in our simple online form.

All we require is your name, telephone number, email address, website address and for you to choose a username and password. That's it your account is created and you will automatically be logged into your account, simple.

We have laid out the account section to easily guide you through the simple steps.

Setting Your Rates
Step 1 in your account is setting your rates. There are two rates to set:

  • Group Video: Where multiple clients can login and watch your webcam show at the same time.
  • Private Video: Where a client would have a 1 on 1 webcam show with you.

It is entirely up to you how much you set your rates at. Potentially you would set your rates higher for private webcam shows as your client will have your undivided attention. Prices are set in the form of credits. 1 Credit = 1GBP, 1.65USD or 1.2EUR.

Creating Your Webcam Button
Step 2 is creating your button to be displayed on your website. We have created several button options and styles for you to choose from.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Using Webstream's Webcam Software

  • Colour Options: Sets the colour of your webcam button.
  • Button Options: Choose the type of button you want to use.
  • Popup Options: Set the colour of the popup box the client will see when he clicks on your button.
  • Preview: Shows you what your button looks like.
  • Embed Code: This is the generated code of your button choices for you to copy and paste onto your website

Adding the Code to Your Website
Once you have chosen the design options for you button you will see the embed code presented under the preview. To copy the code click inside the white box and it will highlight the all the code. Now hold in the "Ctrl" key and press the "C" key, this will copy the code. You can also click in the white box, right click your mouse and select "Copy" from the options (see image below).

You now want to paste the code into your website page. If you have a web designer the best way would be to paste the code into an email and send it to your web designer for inclusion on your website. If you have an admin panel to edit the text on your website chances are you use a content editor. In the content editor you will most likely have a button to view the code normally called "view source". In the "view source" scroll to the place you would like the button and paste in the code by holding in the "Ctrl" key and pressing the "V" key. Again, you can also right click your mouse and select "Paste" from the options.

If for any reason you cannot add the code to your website then please give us a call or email us. We are more than happy to help you do this or talk you through it.

Downloading and Installing the Webcam Software
Step 3 is downloading and installing the software. In order to start using the webcam software you need to download JustCamIt.

Click on the download link at the top of step 3, this will popup a box and ask you where you would like to save the software. We recommend you save it to your desktop as you will need to locate it in the next steps.

Once the software has downloaded navigate to your desktop and double click on the JustCamIt Software Icon. A popup box will ask if you want to install it. Click "Yes". The software will now run through a few installation steps, keep clicking next until it tells you "Installation Successful", and just click finish. You should now have a JustCamIt icon on your desktop; double click this icon to launch the software. Make sure at this point you have your webcam plugged into your computer.

When you launch JustCamIt it should automatically pick up your webcam and display the feed in the top right corner. If you do not see your webcam feed click on "Video" from the menu bar and select your webcam. If you webcam is not listed then it cannot find your webcam and it may not be plugged in properly.

When you successfully see your webcam feed click the "Login" button in the menu bar. This will popup a box in which you can add your account details. Your account details are found in your account under "Step 3". We recommend you tick the boxes Remember Me, Auto Reconnect and Login On Startup. Once these details have been added simply click "Login" and you are online and ready to webcam. Your webcam button will now also change to "I'M ONLINE".

Remember: You must always be logged into the JustCamIt software in order to webcam.

We hope you found this article useful and if you have any questions at all then please don't hesitate to contact us