The Marketing BluePrint for Webcam Models

23 Apr 2014

The Marketing BluePrint for Webcam Models

To be a popular webcam model you need to stand out from the crowd. In our opinion you need to have your own website so you're not just driving clients to a directory. otherwise other webcam models may end up benefitting from all your marketing.

Below is a nice guide to building a fan base and getting those all important clients.

Building Your Social Media Pages

Create a Facebook Artist, Band or Public Figure Page Choose Entertainer from the drop down menu.

Create a Google Plus Arts, Entertainments or Sports Page Choose Entertainment from the drop down menu.

Create a Twitter account When asked for a user ID which will be your @ address choose something short and catchy.

Make sure you complete your profiles as best as possible. With all three social media sites you can include a background image, profile picture, a description about you and a link to your website.

Below is a guide to how big your profile and background image should be. These are simply the recommended settings. If you're not into photoshop and putting images together we suggest you ask your web designer to create them for you.

Website Profile Image Cover Art
Facebook 180px by 180px 851px by 315px
Google Plus 250px by 250px 1080px by 608px
Twitter 500px by 500px 1500px by 500px

Download the mobile phone apps

Download the mobile phone apps, this way you can keep your profiles updated easily from your mobile phone without ever needing to turn your computer on.

Visit this page from your mobile device or tablet and click on the relevant links to download the apps

Website Android Apple
Facebook App Download Download
Google Plus App Download Download
Twitter App Download Download

Now you have these social media apps on your phone, you can sign in with your account details and post comments, images and video directly from your mobile.

The Marketing BluePrint for Webcam Models

OK, I have my social profiles, where do I start?

Start by finding your competition. Search across the social sites for keywords like "webcam models". Look at these other profiles and see who's following them, then simply start following your competitors followers. Hopefully they will start following back and your fan base will start to grow.

What should I post about and how often?

Post as often as you can, the more you post the more people will follow you and become fans. There is nothing more engaging than pictures and videos so try to include these in your posts as often as you can. Take pictures of your favourite clothes, shoes, makeup, pictures of yourself and places you're going. All this will help engage people and leave them wanting to know more. Post funny comments and let your true personality shine through.

Is someone follows you, make sure you thank them. In a tweet it can be as simple as "Hey @webstreamuk thanks for the follow xxx". Engaging people creates more posts and shows you're human with a genuine interest in your fans.

As an experiment for this article, I setup a Google Plus Page on 18th April, it's now 23th April, so in 5 days the page already has 13 followers, 7,440 views and 48 people have liked my posts as well as left comments. You can checkout this page by visiting Sexy Girls and Webcam Models

Social Media is huge and if you're not part of it then you're losing out on huge amounts of traffic to your website. Having your own website with Webstream's webcam software and following our guide above you can seriously make a lot of money and also become an internet sensation all at the same time. Social Media has a global reach and using it effectively can open many doors to many possibilities.