The Size of the Camming Industry

10 Apr 2015

The Size of the Camming Industry

Camming has become increasingly popular in the last few years. One reason is that it is a unique experience that is so much more intimate live than any prerecorded conversation could ever be, with the most popular cam sites getting more than 30 million visitors per month and some of the most popular models building an audience of 1,000 people or more!

Another reason webcam shows are so popular is that they fit in well with the current social media trends. You can interact in real time as often as you like and if you choose you can even expand the experience to include your own website, via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere. There are also plenty of social media stars who are completely PG. They put on a sexy top, perhaps without a bra, and just talk to guys and rake in the money. This just shows how camming is becoming more accessible to anyone who wants a piece of the pie.

The industry is already valued at more than 6 Billion Dollars annually, and is expected to grow rapidly, but the number of models coming online each day also continues to rise - so the time to stake your claim and start establishing your model persona to build a sizable audience is right now before the market becomes too saturated with competitors.

Webstream has been at the forefront of the independent cam model revolution, helping forward thinking ladies to break-away from the old 'studio owns everything' mindset that too many sites rely on, and instead providing you with a simple button anyone can install on any website in seconds. As soon as your client clicks the button, you are instantly able to communicate via webcams and all of the billing, hosting or other technical aspects of your very own webcam business are handled for you in the background by our expert staff.

It's easy, it's fast... and as we mentioned, there is a big slice of a 6 Billion Dollar industry waiting for you to come grab it - but it won't be there forever, before someone else comes along and makes that money their own if you hesitate. Get off the couch and start making serious money right now just by signing up!