Using multiple cam sites at the same time

08 Jun 2014

Using multiple cam sites at the same time is a piece of software that allows you to share your camera feed between multiple programmes. This means you can login to several webcam directories at the same time. You can even launch two JustCamIt programmes and login to two different accounts all at the same time from one camera feed.

Watch the video tutorial below

Webcam Splitter Instructions

Download and install the software from Split Camera
Launch Split Camera
In Split Camera, click options and change resolution to 320 x 240 4:3
Now launch JustCamIt
Click Video and change the source to Splitcam video filter
Now connect a profile.
You can click the JustCamIt icon again to launch another window, connect the source to splitcam again and login with a different profile.
All done, you now have two JustCamIt accounts running at the same time.

The benefits of using a camera splitter

You may have serveral different accounts with several different webcam directories. Some maybe more popular than others but wouldn't it be great if you could login to all of them at the same time?

With Split Camera you can do exactly that and the software is completely free to use. We have tested it by running three different webcam accounts at the same time and it works perfectly.