09 Mar 2015

Webstream Adds Optional ATVOD System for UK Compliance

For anyone outside of the United Kingdom, the ATVOD content requirements may be unfamiliar. ATVOD is an independent co-regulator of editorial content in the UK including video on demand services that fall within the statutory definition of On-Demand Programme Services. ATVOD was also previously known as The Association for Television On-Demand and is now enacting rules that require adult content providers to provide web users with an adequate 'warning message' to avoid any possibility of someone accidentally or unintentionally accessing adult content online or elsewhere. Webstream is always keeping a watchful eye on new regulatory requirements for our clients and we are now releasing a built-in ATVOD solution for our customers to use.

"The most important part of the entire Webstream platform is the simplicity we offer at every step along the path from plugging in your cams to cashing out your payments" said Ben of https://www.webstream.co.uk/. "Our new ATVOD compliance system is completely optional, so you only use it if you want to, depending on your own local laws. Inside the Webstream interface you'll see a new checkbox where you can turn ATVOD on or off any time with just one click."

This optional method allows UK studios and performers to opt in and be fully compliant with a single click, while also affording our other clients outside the UK the choice to leave ATVOD turned off on their sites if they prefer.

For those clients who do choose to opt in, the ATVOD system, a client from the UK that pays with a debit card to view a video uploaded to the ClipStore will have to put his mobile number in as well. That customer will then get a text message with a pin number to enter into our system. When he has done this our system will ask all UK mobile phone carriers including: EE, Vodafone, Orange, Three etc if the client is over 18 years of age. If the client is over 18 he gets his credits and can start watching video clips. If he isn't over 18 he will not be allowed to purchase video clips unless he uses a credit card instead. The ATVOD security will only apply to the ClipStore and will not affect LiveCam, CallConnect or Donations as ATVOD is specifically for video on demand services only.

It's important to note that Webstream is not a proponent of ATVOD regulations, but even though we see numerous flaws in the government's strategy, in is incumbent upon us to assist our clients with compliance issues to the best of our ability. We do support the notion that adult content should only be for adults, and while the present ATVOD practice are much more convoluted than necessary, we want to help our clients stay ahead of the curve by proving you with the easiest implementation of ATVOD age checks possible.

Webstream Adds Optional ATVOD System for UK Compliance