Webstream Direct Connect Puts You In Better Contact With Your Clients

08 May 2015

Webstream Direct Connect Puts You In Better Contact With Your Clients

Webstream has just added a new Direct Connect communications upgrade that makes direct communication with your customers even easier for independent cam girls and studios. Clients get an email letting them know whenever you are planning to go online, meaning that your favorite regulars will be more likely to be there on time since they don't want to miss a moment! We will also email members when you have uploaded a new video to your Webstream ClipStore, or when you are up for a sexy phone chat with some clients.

Now, we've improved this feature by allowing performers to set the "reply to" email address to an account of your choosing when sending out these notifications! That means you can receive emails directly from your clients, in response to the notification messages, which will build faster flirtatious relationships during your camshows, and work towards earning you increased profits. The guys who interact with you will be so excited by communicating with their favorite cam hottie directly, and those emails give you a great way to follow up with your best customers.

Studios can also set email addresses as their default, empowering studio owners to use preferred techniques to entice clients into scheduled camshows or phone chats or sexy clips sales.

As you can see, Webstream is all about helping you make more money by fostering sexy relationships and giving you complete control over the tools you need to succeed in your own camming business, along with the flexibility to run camshows the way you want, and this is another key feature to facilitate all of that. We handle everything behind the scenes for you, including the billing, and that's why we are known as the simplest and most cost-effective camming platform out there.