Webstream Secure Customer Information Section Now Live

11 May 2015

Webstream Secure Customer Information Section Now Live

Haven't you wondered who is watching your cam performances? Better yet, wouldn't you want an easy to reach list of their emails to send them promotional offers? A cam platform would never give you access to that information, right? Webstream does, because we are more than a webcam platform, we are your strategic partners and we do all we can to help you succeed!

That's why Webstream has now made it easier for studios and models to get their customers' viewing information. We have created a secure customer information section in the admin for studios where you can view a list of all of your devoted customers. We also provide you reports of their spending information, which can be very interesting indeed.

You may start to notice certain trends that will affect the direction of your cam shows. The best part of this new feature is that we provide you with all of your customers' email addresses. You can send them surveys, or anything else relevant to their ongoing user experience. Message clients privately with a few favorite clips, or just save the emails for special promotions of your cam shows, clip content or phone calls. We make it so easy for cam studios to capture client information from users who have viewed your shows, because you can even download the data in an Excel spreadsheet, which means it is simple and easy to create email lists or to sort the data into the most useful reports.

This new feature makes it clear that Webstream has always got our studios and performer content partners in mind. As if it wasn't easy enough, since all you have to do is add one bit of code to your site for a button to pop up and make cam shows possible. We handle all of the details for you like billing and even offer the possibility of phone calls and selling clips too. Now we give you your customers' email addresses too. Contact us to learn more and to cash in on this new functionality!