Why Am I Addicted to Webcam Models?

31 Mar 2014

Why Am I Addicted to Webcam Models?

A client of ours contacted us a few days ago regarding our software and we asked him very kindly if we could ask him a few questions for our blog.

My wife doesn't know about my fetishes

I love role play and dressing up in uniforms. There is no way i could tell my wife this, especially given some of my favourite uniforms. Plus I don't think she would entertain it. I saw a tweet that a webcam model posted about offering webcam shows with uniforms. We started talking a lot over webcam and she puts on all these different outfits for me, rubber, PVC, school girl, air hostess and others. We do this two way cam thing where she gets to see me and the outfits I'm wearing.

My favourite webcam model makes me feel special

In all our webcam sessions I am the boss for example when she's a school girl I'm a teacher, when she's a nurse I'm a doctor It makes me feel really special that someone else shares my experiences and is involved in my fantasies with me. It gives me something to look forward to and provides me with so much entertainment.

Why Am I Addicted to Webcam Models?

I work really hard and my webcam model provides stress relief

I work over 14 hours a day in the city; everything is so serious and stressful. On the weekends I'm taking the kid's to football or going to the cinema. Watching a webcam show is pretty much the only thing i do for myself. If you have a busy life I cannot recommend webcam models enough. If you find the right one she will put a lot of fun back in your life.

Watching my webcam model is a nice escape from reality

As I said, telling my wife about my fantasies would not be an option. I work hard, belong to lots of clubs and help out with my kids schools and activities. Everything in my life is so normal and sometimes very boring. Seeing my webcam model is the most exciting thing in my day and provides such a great escape from day to day activities. The great thing is I'm not hurting anyone, I'm not cheating and for once I'm getting some pleasure out of all my hard work.

Watching my webcam model is a nice escape from reality

Watching webcam shows make me feel a bit naughty

I login to see my webcam model every night after everyone has left the office. I have a HD camera and spend at least an hour role-playing with different uniforms. I sometimes put a script together and email it over to my webcam model so we can play out my fantasies. Whenever I leave the office and lockup I always feel really naughty and happy at the same time, it's a great feeling.

I love getting webcam models to perform my requests while I watch

There's nothing better for me than playing out all my fantasies with another person. I am completely in control with setting the scene, the uniforms and the role-play. It's like playing the lead role in my own film where I get to write the script and perform all at the same time. It's great watching a sexy girl act out my script and be the lead actress, it gives me so much joy.