Why Do Popular Webcam Girls Use Webcam Sites?

14 Mar 2014

Why Do Popular Webcam Girls Use Webcam Sites?

In the days of old, webcam models would sign up to a webcam directory site in order to use their software and rely on their site visitors. The webcam sites would spend a fortune on advertising to drive clients to their website to watch webcam shows. Since the introduction of social media sites, all that's changed. In fact the webcam directories must be laughing their heads off as they don't need to spend tons of money on advertising. You do all the advertising for them through your social media circles.

Let's take Twitter for example, you have over 3,000 followers, every time you're about to login and webcam you post a reminder to all of your followers with a link to, their webcam directory site. Although you're posting a link to your profile on their site, you're still advertising the webcam directory. If one of your followers happens to stumble across a more appealing webcam girl on the directory, you've lost him as a client.

We hear time and time again that the reason webcam models are using directories is usually down to the amount of visitors they receive. The confusing thing is, you as an active social webcam model are driving the traffic there in the first place. Tell me, when was the last time you saw any advertising by the webcam directory? You don't, and the reason being, they don't advertise, you do it all for them.

In reality the biggest winners here are webcam girls on the directory which don't partake in social media advertising. They can just sit back and pick up all the visitors from webcam models who do drive visitors to the website. That doesn't seem fair to me as all your efforts of being socially active are benefitting other webcam models.

This is just one example of why Webstream's Webcam Software is becoming more and more popular amongst webcam models. Our software can be installed on just about any website and only takes 5 minutes to setup.

Drive clients to your own website, not someone else's.