Xbiz Software Company of the Year 2015 Nomination

17 Nov 2014

Xbiz Software Company of the Year 2015 Nomination

Webstream Recognized for Its Achievment in Live Cam and Chat Software Solutions - Receives Nomaination for XBIZ Software Company of the Year

It takes a superior product/service to be recognized for a XBIZ Award and Webstream, a newer company to the industry, has proven that its robust self-served live cam and chat platforms are solid contenders in the rapidly growing interactive space.

Webstream is proud to announce it has been nominated for the 2015 Software Company of the Year Award and is particularly thrilled about the honour as the team is scheduled to make the trip to the US in January to do demos and a workshop at XBIZ 360.

"It is a great surprise and a great honor to see that our hard work is already being recognized in adult entertainment. What started as a vision of enabling models and starlets to take control of their earnings and host their own live cam and chat operations has really manifested itself. We could not be more excited about this nomination!".

For more information about the Xbiz 360 show in Los Angeles, Click Here