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Our photo set software enables you to upload and sell photos directly from your website. All photo sets are stored on our secure servers so you can have peace of mind that they are safe.

If you already sell photo sets or you are looking to offer photo sets for sale, contact us today and take full control of your earning potential.

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Simple Setup Instructions

Use our PicStore™ software to upload photo sets and display them, for sale, directly on your own website.

Our software will take your photos and put them in a zip folder for the client to purchase and download. The client can also browse through purchased photo sets with our online gallery slideshow.

Simply create a photo set, upload photos, set the title, description, thumbnail, and price and include our html code on your website. Every time a new photo set is added it will automatically be shown on your website, ready to sell to your visitors.

Sell your photo sets online

Creating a Photo Set

Creating a photo set is easy. Simply click the "Create a photo set" button. A new photo set will be created below ready to add your images, content and price.

Photo Set Settings

Once you clicked the "Create a photo set" button, you are presented with the setting panel.

Photo Poster Choose a poster to use as the thumbnail for the photo set. Any photos uploaded to the photo set are available to choose as the poster.

Upload your own Poster If you don't want to use one of the photos in this set, then you can upload a different photo for the poster.

Photo Set Title Set the title of the photo set which is displayed to your visitors.

Photo Set Description Add a brief description of the photo set to let your clients know what to expect.

Tags You can organize your photo sets into tags so your clients can search and find the videos they are after.

Price Set the price you would like to sell the photo set for.

Create a Direct Link You can create a link for each photo set by entering the url of the page your PicStore™ is on. When a client clicks on the link the PicStore™ will only display the chosen photo set.

Photo Set Display

Now, you have created photo sets, the final step is choosing a layout and adding it to your website.

View Choose how you would like your photo sets displayed.

Button Colours Match the button colours to your website, choose from our colour options.

Text Colour Set the colour of the text. This is handy if you have a site with a black background and want to set the text to white for example.

Height & Width If you have chosen the "Thumbnail" view you can choose the height and width you would like the thumbnails to be.

Background Set the background of your photo sets to either black, white or transparent. Transparent means it will not put a background colour in.

Embed Code Once you have set your photo sets display settings copy the embed code onto your website where you would like them displayed. You only ever need to copy this once. When you upload new photo sets they will automatically appear on your website.

Example PicStore™

Features & settings

Have a play with the settings below and see how many different styles you can choose from.

Photos per page
Buttons Background Text
Size Width Height
Text Colour

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