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Create unlimited performers by entering their name, username and a password. Usernames have to be unique to our system. Adding a new performer creates a grey square with the performers name, software statuses and button options.

Picture Icon Click on the picture icon bottom left of the grey square to upload an image of your performer.

Edit Button This takes you into the performers account. From here you can set her rates, upload videos, choose her button for your website etc.

Percentages Button Set your desired Studio/Performer commission split.

Password Button Shows the username and password of the performer

Each one of your performers has her own account with Webstream to control her rates, upload her videos, view and request revenue.

Webcam Moderator Account

This displays your LiveCam Moderator login details. These details will allow you to log in to your performers webcam shows completely undetected. This is to allow you to monitor and quality control the webcam shows in your studio.

Statement of Accounts

This section maintains a running statement of all your revenue and earnings. Listed here are all your performers and how much money they have made the studio. By clicking the "View" link on each row you can see a break down of all the performer's activity and client spend.

Cashing out is easy. Simply click on one of the transfer buttons at the top and fill in the details on the screen. We aim to make all payments within a 24 hour period. Please note that for International Bank transfers outside the UK it can take between 2-4 days to receive your money.

Once you have requested a payout a pending invoice will be added to the "Payments" section of your account.


This section tracks all of your paid invoices and any you have pending with Webstream. If an invoice is pending (i.e we have yet to transfer the money to you) it will show up as "Processing."

All paid invoices will have a paid date attached to them. To view any of these invoices simply click on the date and a new window will open in your browser showing you that invoice.


This section lists all of your clients and how much they have spent on LiveCam, CallConnect, ClipStore, Donations and a running total.

The link at the top allows you to donwload them as an excel spreadsheet containing the username, name, email address and spend for each client - an invaluable marketing marketing advantage.

Twitter / Email

When clients sign up to use our software they have the option to receive email notifications.

Email notifications are sent to clients whenever a performer goes online or whenever the performer uploads a new video.

When an email is sent to a client the default sending email address is "". You can personalize this by changing the "From Email Address" to your own studio email address. The email we send to clients will also contain a link to your website. Make sure you include your website address, otherwise we won't be able to send the emails.

If you are on Twitter you can connect your Twitter account to your studio. By linking your Twitter account we will post automatic tweets on your timeline every time a performer goes online or uploads a new video.


Analytics is a great tool to see how you are performing on a weekly/monthly basis. Our system generates visual line graphs to display your earnings in a clean and easy to understand way.

Analytics also provides stats based on date ranges for the following:

• Number of logins
• How long you've been online
• Number of tips
• Time on Group Chat and time in Private chat
• Total videos uploaded
• Total video sales
• Total donations
• Total phone chat miinutes
• Total unanswered calls
• Total earnings


The Settings panel lets you change the password of your studio account.

You can also use the "Performers Account Features" to limit what performers see in their accounts.

Each section of the performer's account has a full, limited or hidden option.

Limited will hide certain aspects for example:

LiveCam Limited Only shows the instructions for going online and hides the button options and the ability to set rates.

CallConnect Limited Allows performer to set divert number and change online/offline status but hides the button options and the ability to set rates.

Donations Limited Allows performer to add email address and telephone number but hides the button options.

Accounts Limited Disables the ability to request money. This is just incase you want to pay them direct and request the money from us yourself.