If you run an adult website and you are looking to better monetize it, WEBSTREAM offers the perfect solutions.

Our software allows your performers to host pay per minute webcam shows, sell clips, offer phone chat and take donations. We handle all of the transactions and payout commissions to both the studio and performers every 7 days, on request. You can manually set commission splits with your performers and they will only see their revenue share in their account.

Everything is unbranded and ties in seamlessly with any website. You don't need any special server specifications as all the streaming is supported on our servers.

We've built the technology so you don't have to


Create unlimited performer accounts

Set commission splits any way you like

Unbranded admin account for your performers

Acquire your customers' contact information for marketing

In depth analytical data and graphs detailing performer performance

No special server or website requirements

Online API to customize our software to suit your needs

Ongoing technical support for our entire software suite

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Unleash the power of Webstream and take control of your earning potential. We work closely with all our studios, your success is our success.

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