PrePaid Cards

Introducing the Webstream PrePaid MasterCard®

We have now launched our very own Pre Paid MasterCard®. Pre Paid Cards require no credit checks and we can send them to any active performer or studio in any Country. Cards are available in either GBP, USD or EUR accounts depending on your Country and Currency. These cards are not credit cards and you can only spend what's available on the card. All our cards are Chip and PIN enabled and once issued they are ready to use instantly. Cards are distributed on an A4 paper carrier. Once receiving one of our cards, cardholders must call our automated telephone service to activate their card and retrieve their PIN. MasterCards® can be used at over 35 million locations worldwide wherever MasterCard® is accepted.

If you posses a Webstream Pre Paid Card you can request payouts straight to the card. What's more there are no transfer fees to pay. Simply request your payout and we will load your card with the exact amount requested.

Cardholder Fees

Associated Card Fees

There are fees associated with using your Pre Paid Card. These are all costs directly from MasterCard®.
The fees below apply to cash withdrawals from an ATM and both shop and online purchases.

Transaction Type GBP EUR USD
Point of Sale 2% (min £0.20, max £1.50) 2% (min €0.30, max €2.00) 2% (min $0.40, max $2.50)
ATM (in card currency) £1.50 €1.50 $1.75
ATM (in other currency) £1.99 €1.99 $2.50
Foreign Exchange Fee 2.75% 2.75% 3%
Inactivity Fee * £2.00 €2.00 $3.00

* Inactivity fee charged per month following 3 months of no transactions

Cardholder Online Portal

Our online cardholder portal allows you to view transactions, check your balance, and change your personal details. Because it is mobile-friendly, it can be used from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Contact Details

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